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Is your honey 100% pure?
Yes, our honey is 100% pure and natural; produced by bees gathering nectar from plants and storing it in beehives. No ingredient has been added or removed to change its natural composition.

How is pure honey different from raw honey?
Unlike raw honey, ours has been filtered to remove impurities. However, similar to raw honey, ours does not undergo pasteurization. It is only gently warmed and thermostatically controlled to prevent the honey from losing its nutrients.

Why does some honey crystallise?
Crystallization occurs because the natural sugars in honey (glucose and fructose) bind together. If the honey becomes too thick, place jar in lukewarm water.

Why does the honey taste and look slightly different even though it is of the same type?
Our honey is 100% pure with no added sugar, flavouring, colouring or preservatives. Therefore, the colour and texture may be slightly different from bottle to bottle as it is pure honey harvested straight from different beehives.

Should I keep my honey in the refrigerator once opened?
Honey should not be kept in the refrigerator because it will increase the speed of crystallisation. We recommend that you store it at room temperature.

Is your honey HALAL?
Our honey is made in a facility free of any meat and alcohol. However, we do not have a HALAL certification yet.

What is your honey’s shelf life?
Honey can stay good for decades if stored properly. But for the best eating experience, we recommend that you consume it within 2 years.

Where is your honey from?
Our honey is 100% Malaysian and sourced from local beekeepers.

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